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The LOS Life Travel Experience


LOS Life Travel brings small groups of travel culture enthusiasts together in a safe and friendly atmosphere to enjoy an authentic experience of an African city. Every LOS Life Travel trip is curated to uncover, develop and stretch your social, historical, creative and cultural knowledge of a people and a place.

LOS Life Travel is a subsidiary of the LOS Lifestyle Co. and another option in the Black travel movement to Africa. We believe that an important part to strengthening the ties that connect Africa to her diaspora starts with travel. Our trips are bridge building experiences or culture exchanges that bring people together so they do not feel like they are on the outskirts of a culture… the African culture.

We know that group travel can be overwhelming, especially to introverts, so each trip includes a free day or two to do as you please. You can spend time in your accommodations or explore the city you’ve traveled to either on your own, or with your new friends. 


What Sets LOS Life Travel Apart?

  1. Emphasis on authenticity is at the heart of each LOS Life Travel and every detail is carefully curated and led with the guidance of individuals who were born in or have lived extensively in the trip destination.

  2. Travel with LOS Life is more than a vacation, LOS Life Travel is a cultural exchange. You will meet and connect with local peers based on your professional, cultural, and life interests.

  3. LOS Life Travelers will enjoy the roots and fruits each destination has to offer. Roots are various aspects of the local heritage, while the fruits are the sweet experience you will have after being part of our uniquely curated getaways.

  4. Each LOS Life Travel group is limited to 12 and no more than 15. No two trips are the same and we take extensive time to curate each one to ensure our travelers are a good fit and that we can accommodate the needs of everyone. Travelers must be of legal drinking age (at least 21 years old).

  5. All you have to do is pack your bags and leave the rest to us. Our US and local support teams are here to make this a memorable trip for you. This is not your average group travel experience (we promise you)!


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Yoruba dancers in traditional indigo tie and dye called “Adire”. Photo Credit - Ayo Adewunmi

Yoruba dancers in traditional indigo tie and dye called “Adire”. Photo Credit - Ayo Adewunmi